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Chapman Law Group is dedicated to helping clients achieve the results they desire. We have a formidable track record litigating lawsuits — and we have even greater experience obtaining dismissals and settlements before trial.

We are most proud of our achievements in civil litigation defense. The vast majority of claims are dismissed before trial, while those that have gone before a jury all ended in no-causes for our clients. Our achievements are appropriate for each type of case and often exceed our client’s expectations.

Featured Case Results

Our Florida healthcare licensing attorneys provided the Board of Nursing with ample evidence proving that CBD can cause false positives and that there was no evidence of a nurse’s impairment.

Our healthcare criminal lawyers’ in-depth knowledge of addiction medicine gave our Pittsburgh-area client the best possible chance at acquittal on federal conspiracy and unlawful prescribing charges.

Our Medicare fraud attorneys obtained a reinstatement of billing privileges for a laboratory audited for billing $2 million in unnecessary services where there were alleged “credible allegations of fraud.”

Nearly a year after the DEA began an undercover operation into Kentucky pain physician, Dr. Loey Kousa’s practice, his office was swarmed by federal and state officers on the pretense of pill mill allegations.

Recent Case Results

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