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Chapman Law Group is dedicated to helping clients achieve the results they desire. We have a great deal of experience litigating lawsuits and we have even greater experience obtaining dismissals and settlements before trial.

We are most proud of our achievements in civil rights defense. The vast majority of claims are dismissed before trial. Those that have gone to trial all ended in No Causes for our clients. Our achievements are appropriate for the type of case and often exceed our client’s expectations.”

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Chapman Law Group (CLG) was able to negotiate plea agreement with prosecutor for 6 month delayed sentence on single charge of obtaining prescription by false representation and …

Based on our specific experience in defending addiction medicine providers and Suboxone, Ron Chapman II was asked to join the trial team on this case and other companion …

This client underwent extensive audits and payment demands for over $2 million based on allegations of fraud. Billing privileges and payments were suspended by both Medicare …

Dr.X had been participating in the Professionals Resource Network (PRN) for several years when she asked PRN to terminate her contract early. PRN scheduled her for an …

Recent Case Results

Obtain a Registration for an Excluded Physician

A physician was excluded from participation with Medicare and Medicaid for committing health care fraud. After the reinstatement of his medical license, he applied for a certificate of registration with the DEA. They were considering rejecting his application solely due to the exclusion issue, even though his license had been reinstated.

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Prison Physician Assistant Not Liable at Trial

A pro se prisoner alleged that our physician assistant client was deliberately indifferent to “broken hand symptoms” when treating a bite wound on the prisoner’s hand. The physician assistant saw the prisoner again at a later date, at which time the prisoner complained of ongoing pain. The physician assistant ordered an x-ray, which revealed a fracture.

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Investigation of Nurse with Positive THC Urine Test Is Dismissed

You are a licensed medical professional. You now work the night shift and are having issues adjusting your sleep schedule. You research natural methods and treatments to help you have a more restful sleep so that you can do your best work when it’s time to go back to your patients. Through a very simple google search, you discover CBD oil.

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