Case Result: Helped Specify Rules, Responsibilities Between Behavioral Health Center and Therapist Employee, Corrective Action Plan to Prevent HIPAA Breaches

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Primary issue:
The healthcare compliance attorneys at Chapman Law Group represented a Michigan-based behavioral health center that was having an employment agreement dispute with one of its behavioral therapists. This employee sought to redefine the scope of her employment agreement. In addition, the employee had sent out personal health information to an outside party without an authorization in place. Such an action would trigger a duty to disclose to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and would be a potential HIPAA breach.

Benefits of Using Chapman Law Group:
Our healthcare compliance and healthcare employment attorneys reviewed the agreement closely, and we highlighted areas where we could specify rules and responsibilities between the parties. After our analysis, we came up with a corrective action plan for how to deal with some of the issues this employee was raising. We drafted an addendum to the contract, which redefined the relationship between the parties. The behavioral therapist employee agreed to it and signed it.

In addition, the corrective action plan would include healthcare compliance standards and rules, to make sure the employee would document files and contact clients properly so as to avoid HIPAA data breaches and save the employer from hefty federal fines.

Areas of Law:
Healthcare Compliance
Healthcare Employment and Contract Issues

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