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Licensed Practical Nurse Dismissed From Jail Case

The Court dismissed with prejudice Plaintiff’s state law claims and dismissed without prejudice Plaintiff’s 42 USC 1983 deliberate indifference claim where we sought judgement on the pleadings and Plaintiff sought to voluntarily dismiss our licensed practical nurse client.

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Case Result: Certified Nurse Anesthetist Accused of Failing to Meet the Standard of Care After Patient Dies During Procedure – Case Dismissed

Areas of Law:
Health Care Licensing, Professional Licensing, Nursing License Defense, Standard of Care, Administrative Complaints and Hearings.

Certified Nurse Anesthetist

Primary Issue:
Our client was a Certified Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) assigned to Patient X’s colonoscopy procedure. Based on her assessment of Patient X, which included her interview of the patient and review of the patient’s record, Patient X was not unstable. Patient X did, however, have several medical conditions including; cardiomyopathy, coronary artery disease, hypertension, chronic kidney disease and liver disease.
Our client slowly titrated IV Propofol for the procedure. However, two minutes after the procedure started, the patient stopped breathing. Despite resuscitation efforts, Patient X went into cardiac arrest. Medical personnel were able to temporarily revive Patient X’s heart, but unfortunately, brain damage had already occurred. Patient X suffered two more cardiac arrests before ultimately expiring.
An investigation was opened against our client by the Department of Health at which point, our client contacted Chapman Law Group. CLG had the case reviewed by a CRNA expert witness who found that despite Patient X’s untimely death, our client had met the standard of care. Moreover, in CLG’s review of the materials from the related civil lawsuit, it was determined that Patient X did not have the required clearance from her cardiologist to undergo the procedure. However, at the time of the procedure, this information was unknown.

Chapman Law Group submitted a response to the Department detailing the events and our client’s involvement, along with a copy of the expert witness’ opinion. The Probable Cause Panel considered this evidence and dismissed the case against our client.

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