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Laura M. Terpsma

Senior Attorney

Chairperson of Compliance

Michigan Office
1441 West Long Lake Rd., Ste. 310
Troy, MI 48098

Phone: (248) 644-6326

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Developing Compliance Program

Developing an Effective Compliance Program According to the Office of Inspector General (OIG) guidance, every health care entity must have an effective compliance program. Failure

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Compliance Cases

Dismissal of a Compliant Physician Over-Prescribing Opiates

A physician utilizing the Michigan Automated Prescription System (“MAPS”) became concerned about the scores being displayed for some of his patients and wanted a compliance review of his practice to determine whether his treatment plans were compliance and to improve his practice in the event of a review.

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CMS Audit

Prepayment suspension of payments by third-party Medicare Authorized Contractor alleging a Gross and Flagrant Violation of the Standard of Care in a Substantial Number of Cases. Client was placed under a prepayment suspension of Medicare payments by a third-party MAC claiming Gross and Flagrant Violations of the Standard of Care

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