Case Result: County Jail Medical Providers Sued for Deliberate Indifference After Inmate OD’d


Primary Issues:
Plaintiff sued several county jail medical providers alleging deliberate indifference to serious medical needs.

Plaintiff’s decedent had a history of mental health and substance abuse issues. Upon arrival to the jail, a nurse placed decedent in a special housing unit to ensure he would not attempt to harm himself. After more than a week in the special housing unit without incident, decedent was permitted to enter the jail’s general population. Shortly thereafter, decedent died from an overdose of multiple prescription medications, including opioids.

Procedural History:
After decedent’s death, his family (Plaintiff) alleged that the medical providers failed to protect the decedent from contraband in the jail.

After deposing our clients, we successfully persuaded Plaintiff to voluntarily dismiss her claims against our clients with prejudice. This result saved our clients considerable resources by avoiding trial and also the prospect of extensive appeals.

Practice Areas:
Correctional Medicine
42 USC § 1983 — Deliberate Indifference

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