Case Result: Dentist, Concerned Over Malpractice Case in Another State Settling for Inordinately High Amount, Gets Approval to Practice in Florida


Primary issue:
Our client is a dentist with an active license in another state. This dentist decided to move to Florida for family reasons and needed to apply for a dentist license through the Florida Board of Dentistry. Client was concerned that the application would be questioned or that additional conditions would be imposed due to a prior malpractice case, which resulted in an out-of-court settlement through his liability insurance provider. The case settled for a considerable amount of money, which in turn raises concerns as to the dentist’s ability to practice with reasonable skill and safety.

We immediately got in touch with all relevant parties, including the insurance carrier, to discuss the circumstances of the settlement. Upon review of the medical records, we were able to assess that the case was settled for too much money and that the insurance company had simply decided to settle the matter to avoid litigation. With this in mind, we prepared an addendum to the license application explaining the circumstances surrounding the malpractice settlement. We also provided mitigating evidence proving the client’s excellent abilities.

In a hearing before the Florida Board of Dentistry, our client was approved to practice in Florida without conditions.

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Healthcare Licensing
Professional Licensing Defense

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