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Lauren A. Leikam

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Sarasota Office
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Phone: (941) 893-3449

Sarasota Office
6841 Energy Ct.
Sarasota, FL 34240
Phone: (941) 893-3449

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Case Result: Doctor Falsely Accused by PRN of Relapsing Has Her Case Dismissed

Areas of Law:
Health Care Licensing, Professional Licensing, Professionals Resource Network, Substance Abuse Matters, Medical License Defense, Administrative Complaints and Hearings.

Medical Doctor

Primary Issue:
Dr. X had been participating in the Professionals Resource Network (PRN) for several years when she asked PRN to terminate her contract early. PRN scheduled her for an evaluation to determine if she was eligible for early termination. Despite having over eight years sober, and all her other drug test coming back negative, Dr. X’s PEth test was positive for alcohol at levels that indicated binge drinking. Accordingly, PRN would not consent to the early termination of her contract.

Dr. X then contacted Chapman Law Group. At the direction of CLG, Dr. X submitted to a polygraph test, commonly known as a lie detector test. The polygraph test indicated no deception when Dr. X was asked whether or not she had consumed alcohol. We advised Dr. X to terminate her contract with PRN. PRN subsequently reported Dr. X to the Department of Health (Department).

Result: Case Dismissed
Chapman Law Group submitted the results of Dr. X’s polygraph to the Department along with letters from Dr. X’s medical providers attesting to her fitness to practice. The Probable Cause Panel considered this evidence and dismissed the complaint made by PRN to the Department.

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