Case Result: Despite 20 Years’ Sobriety, Clinical Social Worker’s Substance Abuse History in Contention Before Florida DOH

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Primary issue:
Client licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) was accused of impairment while at work, as the LCSW appeared disheveled and disoriented. The LCSW was fired and referred to PRN. The LCSW has a history of substance abuse but has been sober for more than 20 years. The PRN evaluator recommended monitoring for five years and treatment.

Our Florida healthcare license defense attorneys took this case before Florida Department of Health (DOH). We contended that there was no evidence of impairment, no positive drug tests, and nothing else to support a finding that the LCSW was in fact abusing drugs or alcohol. Further, we asserted that the LCSW was discriminated against on the basis of substance abuse history, and nothing more.

The DOH filed an Order Compelling Examination and we prepared the client for it. As a result of our thorough efforts, the evaluation went well and DOH dismissed a case without a finding of probable cause.

Areas of Law:
Healthcare Licensing
Professional Licensing Defense

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