Case Result: Malpractice Claims Against Nurse for COVID-19 Unit Incident Dropped Due to Lack of Evidence

Registered Nurse

Primary issue:
Client RN was accused of practicing below standard of care, fraudulent misrepresentation, making a false report, inaccurate recording, and unprofessional conduct. The facility alleged that the RN made a mistake when trying to provide a patient with IV medication causing the patient’s blood pressure to drop at dangerously low levels. The facility also alleged that the RN failed to contact management, the chief nursing officer, or an MD. However, the facility was dangerously understaffed.

The RN eventually corrected the problem on their own and the patient was not harmed. However, the facility was furious and chose to report the RN to the DOH blaming them for the incident.

Our Florida healthcare regulatory and licensing lawyers immediately reviewed the case and assessed for potential malpractice. One by one, we developed a strong defense for each allegation and prepared for trial, but we played our cards close to the chest and did not give the DOH anything until the DOH gave us its evidence.

After only five months, the case was dismissed due to lack of evidence and the RN was free to go.

Areas of Law:
Healthcare Licensing
Professional Licensing Defense
Department of Health Investigation

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