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Case Result: Massage Therapist Sexual
Misconduct Case Dismissed

Massage Therapist

Primary Issue:
An Orlando, Florida massage therapist was accused of sexual misconduct related to improper technique and draping during a treatment session. The therapist was trained in Structural Energetic Therapy (SET) – a full body therapy designed to produce maximum rehabilitation of physical conditions causing pain. Prior to beginning the session, he explained to the patient what he was going to do and how he was going to do it and the patient agreed to be treated. The patient became uncomfortable with the massage therapist during the treatment but did not complain at the time. After the massage, she told the manager that the massage therapist was “weird”. Later that day, the patient came back with her husband and accused the therapist of sexual misconduct. He was terminated, and an investigation followed.

Chapman Law Group immediately investigated the SET process and, with the therapist’s help, were able to explain to the Board that he performed the process appropriately. We submitted extensive pictures and texts of the procedure to support the therapy. The Board agreed with us and dismissed the case. Probable Cause Panel Dismissed.

Area of Law:
Professional Licensing

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