Case Result: NP Initially Denied DEA Registration for Prior Drug Possession, Distribution Charge; Petition Successful

Nurses Practitioner

Primary Issue:
The DEA denied a nurse practitioner a DEA registration. The nurse practitioner had just graduated and was about to start his first job with a prestigious hospital. The DEA rejected the NP’s application at first because of a deferred criminal sentence in another state, which had no final disposition according to the DEA’s background check. The NP had a previous possession and distribution charge for selling a schedule I controlled substance as a teenager. The criminal record in the case had been sealed, but the charge should not have populated on a background check, and the NP’s prior attorney did not have the correct documentation to prove the necessary charge was no longer pending. The DEA investigator took a hardline stance and determined that the NP was a danger to the public safety, denying him registration and jeopardizing his career.

Benefit of Using Chapman Law Group: 
We were retained to assist the NP in obtaining a DEA registration. We went over the head of the DEA investigator who was taking a hardline stance and went straight to the head of the department. We collected a number of documents showing the progression of the criminal charge and made countless calls to the state district court and the DEA. We compiled all the necessary evidence and petitioned the DEA to approve the young NP.

With countless calls and unrelenting advocacy for the NP, the DEA completely changed course and subsequently granted the DEA registration with no conditions. By retaining the Chapman Law Group, the NP went from a potential show cause hearing to having a DEA registration with no limitations.

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DEA Registration

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