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Case Result: Nurse Accused of Possession of Marijuana – Case Dismissed after Successful Completion of Probation

Registered Nurse (RN)

Primary Issue:
A Michigan nurse was pulled over by the police with what the officer described as a large amount of Marijuana in her vehicle. The nurse came to us fearful of the impact of a criminal conviction on her nursing license. The client retained us to dismiss the marijuana possession charge and prevent adverse nurse licensing consequences.

Benefit of Using Chapman Law Group:
The nurse was charged with possession of Marijuana. Realizing that a conviction for Marijuana possession will have significant consequences related to her nursing license as well as any court ordered probation or jail, she retained our attorneys to represent her in the criminal case and licensing case. Our attorney successfully negotiated an agreement with the prosecutor wherein the nurse would plead guilty to possession of Marijuana in exchange for sentence diversion pursuant to MCL 333.7411. Under this law, as long as the nurse successfully completes the probationary term, the charges will be dismissed and the nurse will not have to report the arrest to the Michigan Board of Nursing. Thus, the nurse could avoid a trial, criminal conviction, and discplinary action against her nursing license – a relative win-win situation.

The Court ordered 8 months of testing pursuant to MCL 7411 and upon successful completion the case will be dismissed. The nurse does not need to report her 7411 deferral to the Michigan Board of Nursing. The nurse was very pleased that we were able to meet her goals and is able to continue to practice as a nurse unimpeded.

Area of Law:
Nursing License Defense
Criminal Defense
Criminal Charges and the Impact on Professional Licenses
Substance Abuse

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