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Nurse Falsely Accused of Stealing Drugs Avoids HPRP and Sanctions

A Michigan nurse was falsely accused of removing controlled substances without a physician order (drug diversion). The state undertook an investigation into the complaint that the nurse was stealing drugs. During the investigation, there was no evidence that the nurse was stealing drugs, or that any of the drugs were unaccounted for at the facility.

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Case Result: Nurse Falsely Accused of Stealing Drugs Has Suspension Overturned

Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

Primary Issue:
CRNA was falsely accused of stealing large amounts of drugs (a strong narcotic) and using it while at work. CRNA was tested and failed a drug test. The CRNA was terminated for stealing drugs (drug diversion) and her license was subsequently suspended by LARA. In addition, she received an administrative complaint alleging drug diversion, negligence and incompetence in violation of MCL 333.16221. We petitioned for dissolution of the summary suspension of her nursing license and were granted a hearing before an administrative law judge. At the hearing, we vigorously cross examined the employer regarding their policies, procedures, observations and lack of evidence. As a result of our efforts, we were able to obtain a directed verdict – meaning that the judge decided in our favor at the close of the State’s case. The CRNA was permitted to return to practice that day as a result of the Judge’s order.

After successful cross examination of the State’s witnesses at the close of the State’s case, the CRNA was returned to practice. Cases like this prove the need for a strong litigator and advocate in the courtroom during licensing proceedings. Ron Chapman II and our health law team have achieved directed verdicts in a large number of summary suspension cases as a result of meticulous cross examination of State witnesses. Ron’s strong background in criminal law and trial advocacy fused with his knowledge of medicine, documentation and health professional licensing make him an excellent advocate in the courtroom for health professionals facing criminal and administrative issues.

Area of Law:
Nursing License Defense
Drug Diversion
Summary Suspension of Nursing License
Administrative Complaints
Criminal Defense
Health Care Fraud & Prescription Fraud

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