Case Result: Nurse Arrested for Cocaine Possession Receives Deferred Sentence, Has No Negative Licensing Action Taken


Primary Issue:
A nurse was arrested for felony possession of cocaine. The nurse faced felony charges that would have ruined the nurse’s professional career and may have resulted in the suspension or loss of their license. The nurse admitted all of the conduct to the police and had no leverage to negotiate. The nurse faced significant penalties and potential jail time.

Benefit of Using Chapman Law Group:
Chapman Law Group was retained to handle the criminal matter and protect the nurse’s future. We reviewed the case file and negotiated with the local prosecutor. After negotiations, we were able to secure a deferred sentence. Additionally, we negotiated the felony charges down to a misdemeanor. Pursuant to the plea, the nurse will serve a year of probation and substance abuse treatment. With the deferred sentence, the criminal proceedings are withheld from the public record, and there is no pending case listed on official criminal background checks.

While the court removed the case from public record, the nurse’s case was not updated on the Wayne County website. Wayne County listed the original charge of felony possession, and the nurse’s potential employer found this information in an extended search outside of normal criminal background checks. This nearly compromised the nurse’s ability to finish the new hire process and obtain employment.

Through our passionate representation of the nurse’s interests, we expedited the process in Wayne County and had his charges removed from the site. After successfully completing the treatment and probation, the criminal charge will be dismissed, and there will likely be no sanctions against the nurse’s professional license.

Areas of Law:
Nursing License Defense
Criminal Defense
Substance Abuse Matters

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