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Case Result: Nurse Charged With Obtaining Drugs by Fraud, Health Care Fraud, Drug Possession and Unlawful Prescribing Has Charges Resolved and May Continue to Practice Nursing


Primary Issue:
Nurse was charged with obtaining drugs by fraud, health care fraud, identity theft and possession of narcotics for prescribing drugs to herself amounting to thousands of units of hydrocodone and other narcotics. A criminal conviction would have resulted in her incarceration for up to five years and loss of her nursing license. With overwhelming evidence in the case against us, the goal remained to get the best deal for the nurse as possible. Through a series of tough negotiations with the Prosecutor and by portraying a strong defensive position, we were successful in dismissing four of the five counts and obtaining diversion pursuant to MCL 333.7411. MCL 333.7411 permits a person who pleads guilty to possession or use of a controlled substance to complete probation and once probation is completed the court will dismiss the charge with no resulting criminal conviction. This means that our client can continue to practice as a nurse and will not be excluded from billing Medicare/Medicaid.

After successful completion of the MCL 333.7411 program, the nurse will have no criminal conviction on her record. The nurse was able to maintain employment through this process and her nursing license was never suspended. We were able to resolve these significant charges without exposure to a criminal conviction or any time in jail. Considering the evidence, this was an overwhelming victory for the client.

Area of Law:
Nursing License Defense
Criminal Defense
Unlawful Prescribing
Health Care Fraud

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