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Investigation of Nurse with Positive THC Urine Test Is Dismissed

You are a licensed medical professional. You now work the night shift and are having issues adjusting your sleep schedule. You research natural methods and treatments to help you have a more restful sleep so that you can do your best work when it’s time to go back to your patients. Through a very simple google search, you discover CBD oil.

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Case Result: Nurse Who Tested Positive for THC
Avoids IPN Referral

Registered Nurse

Primary issue:
RN tested positive for THC in an employer-ordered drug screening. RN was asked to submit to a drug test after she was struck by a patient while on the job. Per hospital policy, they were required to drug-test her.

As a result of this positive drug screening, the facility was required to report her to the Department of Nursing and the Florida impaired practitioner program for nurses IPN. The RN refused IPN enrollment and participation since she did not suffer from any substance abuse issues.

Consequently, the Department opened an investigation against her RN license accusing her of testing positive for a drug and accusing her of impairment. CLG scheduled an evaluation with one of our IPN-approved evaluators who ultimately found the RN safe to practice without need for monitoring. We provided the Department with a Response to the Letter of Investigation along with supportive evidence.

The Department dropped all accusations of impairment and simply charged our client with “testing positive for a drug”. Normally, this type of violation is enough for a referral to IPN. However, after long negotiations, we were able to convince the Department to settle the case with a reprimand, a $250 fine, and eight hours of continuing education classes.

Areas of Law:
Nursing License Defense
Cannabis Law
Administrative Complaints

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