Case Result: Healthcare Compliance Lawyers Help Pharmacy Avoid DEA Order to Show Cause, Put Corrective Action Plan in Place


Primary issue:
Client pharmacy contacted the healthcare compliance attorneys at Chapman Law Group about being served with a DEA order to show cause. The pharmacist’s license was at severe risk of being taken away because of this order.

We negotiated with the DEA for over a year in order avoid its order to show cause. In doing so, we put the pharmacy in a position for compliance, which included drafting and executing a Corrective Action Plan; working on a memorandum of understanding with the DEA; recommending the pharmacy to use custom software for making and following biannual reports and keeping inventories; and understanding and following all requirements for documentation under DEA rules and regulations.

Areas of Law:
Healthcare Compliance
Pharmacy Law
DEA Registration Suspensions & Revocations

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Case Lawyers

Juan C. Santos, LL.M.

Senior Attorney

Healthcare Compliance, Healthcare Fraud Defense

Miami Office
701 Waterford Way, Suite 340
Miami, FL 33126
Phone: (305) 712-7177

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