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Case Result: Physician Charged with 7 Felony Counts of Drug Trafficking has Charges Dropped and Pleads to One Count of False Entry in Medical Record

Physician, D.O.

Primary Issue:
A Michigan physician was investigated by undercover officers and ultimately raided by the DEA for drug trafficking pursuant to MCL 333.7403. The physician was charged with 7 felony counts including drug trafficking stemming from taped undercover visits by the Michigan State Police Strike Team Investigative Narcotics Unit (STING). However, during our investigation and through thorough use of expert witnesses from across the country we felt confident that we would be victorious at trial on most of the serious charges. On the eve of trial, an agreement was reached whereby the client would plead guilty to one count of placing false information on a medical record and the other counts (including all drug trafficking charges) would be dismissed. The physician will face no jail time and is still able to practice medicine. This case proves that the best defense is a great offense, we were able to secure a great deal for the physician, meeting his goals by use of solid expert reports and witnesses and good use of pre-trial motions.

Also, because we are a firm that provides both criminal defense and medical licensing defense, we are able to provide a unified defense that will protect the physician’s DEA registration, Michigan medical license, hospital privileges, and criminal exposure. This makes for a more straight forward and cost effective defense for an issue that a physician, otherwise, would need three attorneys for.

Additionally, our intricate knowledge of pain management and medicine in general aided our ability to defend this physician on this standard of care issue armed with more medical knowledge that a general criminal defense attorney. This resulted in savings for the physician and ultimately overwhelming success in his defense.

The physician plead to one count of placing false information in a medical record, he will not serve any time in jail and is currently able to practice medicine unimpeded.

Area of Law:
Criminal Defense
Criminal Defense for Pain Clinics
Criminal Defense for Physicians
Unlawful prescribing and dispensing
Medical License Defense

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