Case Result: RN Accused of Drug Diversion for Failing to Waste, Refusing IPN; Case Dismissed

Registered Nurse

Primary Issue:
A nurse’s employer accused him of not wasting multiple drugs, specifically Dilaudid and Morphine. The nurse was terminated and referred to IPN for drug diversion. The nurse initially called IPN and then refused to follow up with an IPN evaluator.

Benefit of Using Chapman Law Group:
The nurse retained our attorneys to protect his nursing license from the allegations of drug diversion. His hospital employer ran a computerized waste and usage report, and had accused the nurse of not wasting multiple vials of Dilaudid and Morphine and pulling too many narcotics. The nurse was terminated and reported to the Board of Nursing and IPN. He initially called IPN and decided not to follow through. He was labeled non-compliant.

We reviewed the computerized system and found several process errors. We argued that the nurse’s high volume of patients accounted for the increased use of narcotics. We also contended that the computer was frequently down and notepads were often not available. In addition, we asserted that there was no evidence of drug diversion, and the real problem was the hospital’s faulty computer system.

The Board of Nursing Probable Cause Panel agreed that there was no evidence of drug diversion, and the investigation was dismissed with “no probable cause.”

Areas of Law:
Nursing License Defense
Intervention Project for Nurses (IPN)
Substance Abuse Matters

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Sara Bazzigaluppi, one of Chapman Law Group’s Florida-based regulatory and licensing healthcare defense attorneys, discusses IPN and PRN with Chapman Law Group founder Ronald W. Chapman Sr.

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