Case Result: Teacher Returns to Work with No Disciplinary Action​


Primary issue:
Complaint of physical abuse was made against a 25-year teacher of deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

Our client was a woman following her passion to help deaf and hard-of-hearing children as a second career. After spending her early years as a secretary, bookkeeper and banker, she obtained her Master’s in Deaf Education and spent 25 years teaching these children with a perfect employment record and no disciplinary actions.

In April 2019, our client’s classroom aide made allegations that our client was physically abusing her students. Our client was immediately removed from her classroom and placed on administrative reassignment. The School Board served a letter of investigation alleging four incidents of improper physical conduct: she pinched a student’s genital area, she hit a student with a plastic bin, she intentionally tripped a student causing her to fall, and she hit a student with a chair.

After a hearing before the Broward County School Board Professional Standards Committee where our attorneys convincingly showed that the allegations were false, the case was dismissed and nothing will appear on our client’s employment record. She has returned to her classroom to continue working with the children she cares so much about.

Areas of Law:
Professional Licensing

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