How Do COVID-19 Measures Affect Physicians? Our Attorneys Break It Down

The health care law attorneys at Chapman Law Group discuss compliance and regulatory matters health care practitioners should know in the wake of the Coronavirus.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is putting the world in a tailspin. The most critical area, however, is in the medical community: providers such as physicians, nurses, mid-level practitioners and medical assistants are at the forefront, diagnosing and treating patients who could be carriers.

As this happens, family practices and urgent care clinics are having pressing concerns — and Chapman Law Group is providing insight into those concerns in its latest Health Care Hot Topics video.

From Medicaid to Court System

In this installment, Chapman Law Group’s leading attorneys in compliance, white collar criminal defense, regulatory matters and civil law discuss what health care professionals should be aware of in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic. Many of these topics stem from the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (“CMS”) recently issued memorandums, among them, suspension of surveys for providers with or seeking Medicare enrollment and telehealth expansion. We discuss such questions as:

  • Are you staying in compliance with Medicare/Medicaid?
  • How can you provide and charge for telehealth, now that CMS has loosened its restrictions?
  • With scam artists expected to take advantage of telehealth waivers and rule changes, what ways can you be sure government investigators won’t mistakenly target you as one?
  • Because CMS is waiving criminal background checks for provider enrollment, could you be audited or prosecuted for a False Claims violation later on?
  • What is the status of the court system and how are pending cases being handled?

Your hosts are Chapman Law Group founder, president and CEO Ronald Chapman Sr.; white collar defense and government investigations chair Ronald W. Chapman II; professional licensing and regulatory affairs chair Aaron J. Kemp; and health care compliance lawyer Andre Perrotta.

We’re Here for You — Because You’re Here for All of Us

We know that Coronavirus is affecting how you run your practice and how you and your staff function in it. You are on the front lines of this pandemic, putting yourselves at risk for the sake of all of us, and we appreciate everything you are doing to combat COVID-19.

As you do your part for us, let us do ours for you. We are here to handle your legal and regulatory compliance matters, to represent and defend you in any legal situation you as a health care professional may have to face. Contact us today so we can give you the specific guidance you need.

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