Attention, Controlled Substance Prescribers: DEA Changes Renewal Notice Policy, Threatens to Eliminate Renewal Grace Period

DEA Renewal

If your DEA renewal application is not received prior to the expiration of your DEA registration, you will not be allowed to handle controlled substances, and you may be required to submit an application for a new DEA registration. This will affect your employment status, and the presumptions afforded to a renewing applicant will not be provided.

What is the DEA Renewal Notice Change About?

The DEA recently announced that starting January 1, 2017, it will only send out one renewal notification to current registrants.

The renewal notification will be sent to the “mail to” address for each DEA registrant approximately 65 days prior to the expiration date. No other reminders to renew the DEA registration will be mailed. 

DEA registrants have until midnight Eastern Standard Time prior to the expiration of their DEA registration to file a timely renewal request.

What About the Grace Period?

The DEA previously announced that it would do away with the grace period, which previously allowed practitioners to renew their DEA registration after its expiration. However, the DEA subsequently decided that it will allow reinstatement of an expired DEA registration, so long as the DEA registration is renewed within one calendar month of its expiration.

Registrants who fail to renew within the one-month expiry will have their DEA registration retired and will need to apply for a new DEA registration if they wish to handle controlled substances.

DEA registrants who fail to submit a renewal by the expiration date will not be able to handle controlled substances once their DEA registration expires.

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