With Medicare Fraud Strike Force on Alert, Health Care Professionals Need Protection

Medicare Fraud in Detroit

In Detroit, the existence of the Medicare Fraud Strike Force has caused a drastic increase in the number of Medicare fraud prosecutions against physicians, pharmacies, and other healthcare providers. The strike force is comprised of a team of Assistant United States Attorneys, who are federal prosecutors specifically trained in investigating and prosecuting Medicare fraud. In addition, the Strike Force also includes investigators from the Department of Health and Human Services (OIG-HHS) and FBI. These prosecutors and investigators work as a team moving from one healthcare fraud investigation to another.

Strike forces are also located in Miami, Los Angeles, California, Texas, Louisiana, Brooklyn, Tampa, Chicago, and Dallas. When faced with an investigation or an indictment from the Detroit Department of Justice Strike Force, you will need the assistance of a Detroit health care fraud defense attorney. Our team of experienced attorneys includes former health care fraud prosecutors and investigators in addition to attorneys with advanced degrees and certifications in healthcare. Chapman Law Group has created a team of attorneys that investigate and defend health care providers including physicians and pharmacists and achieve results.


    • Billing for medically unnecessary services
    • Home healthcare fraud
    • Billing for services not rendered
    • Pharmacy fraud
    • Upcoding
    • Unbundling
    • Pharmacies not filling medication
    • Pharmacies waiving co-pays
    • Overprescribing
    • Prescribing unnecessary maintenance medications
    • Healthcare kickbacks

Our Detroit Medicare Fraud Defense Lawyers

Properly defending medicare fraud charges requires knowledge of complex healthcare regulations, meticulous review of thousands of records, thoughtful investigation, and a team of experienced experts. This is not a task that should be entrusted to an attorney who does not regularly practice medicare fraud. Unlike most criminal defense attorneys our Detroit medicare care fraud attorneys have litigated health care fraud cases across the country and are prepared to vigorously defend you and your healthcare practice. Our team has obtained notable victories including the dismissal of health care fraud cases against physicians and other health professionals.

When you hire Chapman Law Group you are hiring a full-service law firm that is dedicated to representing health professionals in all related collateral proceedings including DEA registration proceedings, Medicare Audits, Medicaid Audits, state board proceedings, NPDP, and staff credentialing proceedings.

Medicare Fraud Defense requires an attorney with detailed-specialized knowledge of ever-changing rules and regulations. Proper defense to a Medicare fraud investigation or indictment can be costly if litigated by someone not intimately familiar with Medicare fraud defense. Early intervention of a skilled medicare fraud attorney who can not only handle your indictment or investigation but all related collateral proceedings will save you time, money, and will provide you some peace of mind. If you are facing medicare fraud charges in Detroit call the skilled Medicare Fraud Defense Attorneys at Chapman Law Group today.

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