What To Do If You Are Accused of Drug Diversion or Stealing Drugs

DEA Red Flags

Most often employers report nurses and other health care professionals for alleged drug diversion and/or failure to properly document medication administration related to the use of the Pyxis system or other narcotic delivery system. The employer, usually a hospital, relies heavily on the Pyxis printout to document medications that are dispensed. Due to a variety of errors, both human and technological, the Pyxis system or MAR may not properly reflect medications dispensed, administered or wasted. If your employer threatens to report you or calls you into a meeting with supervisory staff and pharmacy staff, do not agree to contact HPRP, IPN or PRN until you consult a professional licensing attorney. Even if you did divert medication you are entitled to a proper defense. If you are asked to provide a drug screen please understand if you refuse, your license will more likely than not be subject to a Summary Suspension or Emergency Suspension Order. A professional licensing attorney can work with you to make sure the facts are thoroughly reviewed and a proper defense is put forth. Often the error is related to a breakdown of hospital procedures or the computer system itself. Often the problem is not diversion but improper documentation. Remember you have options and you need to speak to a professional licensing attorney as soon as possible.

Do not give a written statement to anyone without first talking to an attorney.

If the police are called, ask to speak to an attorney before giving a verbal or written statement.

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