For Nurses, Physicians, Other Florida Healthcare Providers, Orders Compelling Exam Can Be Unfair — But They’re Not Unbeatable

Orders Compelling Exam Nurses

Our Florida healthcare regulatory and licensing attorneys have a reputation for successfully defending and restoring professional licenses for physiciansnurses, and other healthcare providers who are suspected of impairment. But our lawyers have noticed a surging trend as of late: the Florida Department of Health issuing orders compelling exam.

Because orders compelling exam come straight from the DOH, it’s something for which nurses and other healthcare professionals really don’t have a choice; they must see an evaluator who will determine fitness to practice. And the outcomes are often unfair, as evaluators can simply say probable cause — not mental health or substance abuse factors — is the basis for mandatory monitoring and IPN (Intervention Project for Nurses) or PRN (Professionals Resource Network).

Being in IPN or PRN means high out-of-pocket expenses and total compliance. Failure to comply will result in a disciplinary action against the practitioner’s license. Yet, the nurse, physician, or other healthcare provider might not have needed to be in the program in the first place.

What’s the best way for a nurse or physician to face orders compelling exam? As Sara Bazzigaluppi of Chapman Law Group’s Sarasota office explains, it’s having legal representation and medical experts such as toxicologists from the get-go. Our latest video sheds light on why.

Sara Bazzigaluppi, one of Chapman Law Group’s Florida-based regulatory and licensing healthcare defense attorneys, discusses orders compelling exam.

Why Should I Call a Florida Healthcare Attorney at Chapman Law Group When I Get an Order Compelling Exam?

Because the healthcare licensing attorneys at Chapman Law Group have decades of experience in helping nurses and medical practitioners avoid IPN/PRN enrollment and formal licensing action.

Our Florida healthcare lawyers are experienced in helping nurses and practitioners resolve allegations of drug diversion, positive drug screens, DUIs, and other impairment matters. And we know how present the facts before the DOH when it comes to orders compelling exam. Our network of experts can spot and present proof that probable cause against a healthcare provider is unfounded.

We strongly advise you to not go to an order compelling exam hearing without first discussing your options with us. A Florida health care attorney from Chapman Law Group can prepare your defense and negotiate options before the order compelling exam hearing takes place and enrollment in IPN/PRN becomes mandatory.

Our Florida healthcare licensing attorneys serve healthcare providers across Florida, including Jacksonville, Tampa, Gainesville, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Coral Gables, and Tallahassee. Contact our Florida law offices (Miami and Sarasota) today to learn more about us.

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