Pain Medicine News: 4 Steps Every Provider Must Take Before Prescribing an Opioid

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Pain Medicine News publishes attorney Ronald W. Chapman II and Jeremy L. Belanger’s guide to “4 Steps Every Provider Must Take Before Prescribing an Opioid”.

While improper prescribing can carry serious consequences, providers should not be scared to prescribe opioids when appropriate. This guide aims to help providers who prescribe opioids properly document their considerations in case their prescribing is later scrutinized.

The four steps include:

  1. Initial Assessment
  2.  Informed Consent and Treatment Agreement
  3. Initiating and Monitoring Treatment
  4. Red Flags and Aberrant/Diversionary Behavior

Providers must demonstrate that the minimum standard of care is met and satisfied. Record keeping ensures that the prescription was legitimately used for medical purposes and that no laws were violated.

Read the full guide here: 4 Steps Every Provider Must Take Before Prescribing an Opioid

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