HPRP Class Action Update: Class Certification Status Declined

Lucas et al v. Ulliance – Update 12/06/2018

On December 6, 2018 Federal District Judge Tarnow declined to grant class certification status to health professionals injured by HPRP and the State of Michigan as a result of the operation of the HPRP program. Judge Tarnow reasoned that the differences among individual claims and damages would be too great and that class action status would not aid in an efficient outcome to the case. This decision has no bearing on the merits of the allegations against HPRP. Michigan health professionals who feel that they were injured by HPRP’s policies may still seek individual claims in State and Federal Courts for their injuries. Chapman Law Group will continue to fight for health professionals injured by the operation of the HPRP program or wrongfully suspended by the State of Michigan. If you would like your case considered by Chapman Law Group, please fill out the form below.

Now that the case is in discovery, it is vital that we hear from those affected by HPRP, its breach of the contract with the state and the injuries suffered by health professionals in the State of Michigan as a result of both the State and HPRP’s actions. Please fill out the form located here [DOWNLOAD HERE] and provide us with detail about your treatment and the damages you suffered so that we may evaluate your claim.


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