How Much Does HPRP Cost?

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The costs of maintaining a compliant status in Michigan’s Health Professionals Recovery Program (HPRP) are very high and the Health Professional is responsible for the costs of drug tests, therapy sessions, group counseling sessions, collection fees, and visits with addiction professionals and other physicians. Participants report that they spend up to $30,000 of their own money through the course of a three-year monitoring agreement. If you are in the program and leave because you can no longer afford it, your name will be reported to the Bureau of Health Professions as “non-compliant”.

In most cases it may be more cost effective to hire an attorney. An attorney can help determine if HPRP is the best option, and in some cases be able to avoid the cost of HPRP altogether, while allowing you to maintain your license. If you and your attorney decide HPRP is a good option, an attorney can help negotiate a favorable agreement that is less restrictive (and less expensive). An attorney may also be able to help you find private treatment that is less expensive and still be sufficient to help you maintain your nursing license.

Chart of the HPRP Process

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