Medscape Interviews Chapman Law Group About HPRP

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Medscape interviewed Ronald W. Chapman II about Chapman Law Group’s class action against the Michigan Physician Health Program called HPRP. Chapman Law Group filed a class action against the PHP for various constitutional rights violations and violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act after it was discovered that HPRP created policies that lead to improper diagnosis and costly, expensive substance abuse treatment that was not medically necessary.

The HPRP director Carolyn Bachelor issued a memo to all program providers demanding that the providers not opine whether participants should be required to undergo substance abuse treatment, the length of treatment, the conditions of treatment, or whether treatment was completed. This instruction to providers violated the clearly worded language of HPRP’s contract with the State of Michigan that prohibits such conduct. As a result, thousands of Michigan health professionals have been subjected to expensive and unnecessary treatment at the hands of a State funded program.

To make matters worse, the State of Michigan simultaneously issued a policy that individuals that do not comply with this costly and unnecessary medical treatment received immediate suspension by the State of Michigan. The class action is pending class certification before Judge Tarnow in Michigan’s Eastern District.

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