The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Interviews Ronald Chapman, II About DEA Registration Surrenders

Attorney Ronald Chapman, II tells the Post-Gazette that physicians often surrender their DEA registration during raids because of fear of further action. Often DEA agents storm clinics in their big black SUV’s, dressed in “DEA” jackets and hats, telling the provider that he/she won’t face further action if they surrender their DEA license. All too often scared providers surrender their DEA registration, to later discover that their medical license is subject to discipline as a result of the DEA surrender. Ron Chapman tells The Post that it would be fairer if the DEA placed prescribing restrictions on physicians suspected of CSA violations, rather than seek immediate surrender, which is often done without the opportunity to first seek legal advice.

The article reports that a FOIA request to the DEA revealed that between 2011 and 2015 3,679 DEA registrations were surrendered, yet only 99 were successfully revoked. Ron Chapman represents DEA registrants nationwide. He advises that providers never surrender their DEA registrations without first seeking counsel. “Providers are often unaware of the collateral consequences, and surrendering your DEA registration could mean giving up your medical license, your practice and ultimately your career.” Ron Chapman, II

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