Production of Records Pursuant to Civil Investigative Demand or Administrative Subpoena

If you or your healthcare corporation is facing a governmental investigation, it is imperative that you retain experienced governmental investigation counsel to review information and assist with production. At Chapman Law Group, our healthcare fraud and criminal defense attorneys are seasoned healthcare litigators and former prosecutors and investigators, who can provide you the knowledge and experience to prevent or mitigate potential culpability.

After all relevant information has been gathered and has been assessed for privilege considerations, relevant responsive documents must be produced. Prior to production, lead counsel should carefully review the response, privilege log, and responsive documents to ensure they comply with the request and are accessible. 

All documents must be indexed or bates-stamped in order to easily identify the document, and the format should be used throughout each successive production. All documents must be produced in a commonly utilized format (i.e., .WMV, .PST, .PDF). Word documents should be converted to PDF files in order to avoid modification. Counsel may contact the requesting party to determine what format the requestor recommends.

For Healthcare Fraud Criminal Representation, the Attorneys at Chapman Law Group Are in Your Corner

If you are aware that you or your corporation are the target of a government investigation and may need to assert a privilege, it is imperative that you contact outside counsel to conduct a thorough parallel investigation to preserve privileged material. Failure to do so will leave you powerless to defend the eventual government allegations.

In many cases, a swift investigation will resolve disputes with federal regulators, including Health and Human Services (HHS), the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and the Department of Justice (DOJ).

The healthcare fraud defense lawyers at Chapman Law Group will aggressively defend your health care matter from internal investigation through trial. We handle multistate federal criminal matters investigated by the Department of Justice; state felony matters; and, where criminal sanctions are possible, investigations commenced by the HHS, FBI, DEA, FDA and DOJ.
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