Cannabis Law

The Cannabis Practice at Chapman Law Group provides a full range of legal and consultative services in all areas of cannabis law including licensing strategy, business planning, industry segmentation, entity formation, real estate acquisitions or tenancy, municipal ordinances, licensing preparation, application packages and industry advocacy. We work with health care professionals, cannabusiness entrepreneurs, municipalities, caregivers, patients and others in the emerging cannabis industry.

With a significant history in the health care industry, Chapman Law Group is quickly becoming a leader in the growing area of medical marijuana and associated businesses. Our areas of focus include the following:

Cannabis Health Care Regulations

    • Required Physician Registry
    • Conflict of Interest Restrictions
    • Assistance with Disciplinary Actions
    • Cannabis HIPPA Compliance
    • Michigan Department of Community Health Registration
    • Guidelines for Issuing Medical Marijuana Certifications to Qualified Patients

Cannabis Regulatory and Compliance Issues

    • Cannabis Permits
    • Cannabis Licensing
    • Cannabis Distribution
    • Cannabis Sales
    • Storage of Cannabis Products
    • Cannabis Record Keeping

Cannabis Business Corporation, Entity Consultation and Setup

    • Operating and Shareholder Agreements
    • Federal Tax Employment Number
    • Acquisition Management Agreements
    • Employment Agreements
    • Employee Training Programs and Handbooks
    • Licensee and Employee Background Checks
    • Municipal and State Marijuana Business License Applications
    • All Required Compliance Documents and Standard Operating Procedures Including:
      • Waste Disposal Plans
      • Security Plans
      • Inventory Management Plans
      • Cash Management Plans

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