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Chapman Law Group is proud to be Michigan’s leading medical malpractice, jail/prison and civil rights defense firm. In Michigan, we are the voice of the defense industry with respect to representing the interests of private correctional providers. Our mix of clients includes county jails, state prison facilities and independent providers.

We currently handle virtually all the health care litigation involving privately contracted health care within the Michigan Department of Corrections. Additionally, we represent the providers of over fifty percent of the private corrections health care market in Michigan.

Over the past 25 years, we have defended hundreds of claims to the overwhelming satisfaction of our clients and their insurance carriers. The clear majority of claims we handle end in dismissal prior to or at the close of discovery. Many plaintiff firms don’t understand enough about the interplay of the various laws to prevent dismissal. Our attorneys are equally skilled in defending a case at trial.

Correctional law is a very complicated area of litigation, requiring significant skill and experience. Handling these claims requires exceptional knowledge of 42 USC 1983 and all its pitfalls and unique characteristics. Whether the claim is brought by counsel or a pro se inmate, successful defense depends on counsel understanding all areas of the PLRA, 42 USC 1983, 42 USC 1997e, and the interplay between each. Failure to vigorously defend these claims may subject you to punitive damages.

Defending such claims, including claims of excessive force, cruel and unusual punishment, unconstitutional policies and procedures, failure to train, to name a few, requires not only deep knowledge and understanding of the duties of law enforcement and the legal system, but a sense of fairness and confidentiality.

Our attorneys consider it a privilege to represent healthcare providers working in the correctional setting as well as local governments and their employees.

Types of correctional law claims that we handle, include the following:

    • Failure to Train
    • Deliberate Indifference
    • Excessive Force
    • Denial of Health Care
    • Utilization Review
    • Suicide
    • Failure to Monitor
    • Hepatitis C
    • Wrongful Death Actions
    • Improper Procedure
    • Cruel & Unusual Punishment
    • Unlawful Detention

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