National DEA Registrations Defense & DEA Enforcement Actions

Health care providers who prescribe controlled substances (Schedule II to Schedule IV) must comply with the stringent federal and state requirements that regulate the prescribing and dispensing of such substances. Failure to comply with these rules may trigger an investigation or audit that will not only carry monetary fines, but threaten the health care provider’s DEA registration and state license.

Possible DEA sanctions include:

Chapman Law Group: Your National DEA Defense Experts

At Chapman Law Group, our national DEA attorneys are dedicated to defending prescribers and dispensers against actions such as DEA investigations and audits, DEA raidsDEA registration applications and denials, and DEA Registration suspension and revocation issues nationwide. 

We also work with prescribers and dispensers across the U.S. to advise them on State and Federal regulations surrounding controlled substances to ensure compliance and prevent investigations and DEA enforcement action.

Our DEA lawyers are experienced in defending DEA registrants both during DEA investigations and in subsequent DEA action if noncompliance with the Controlled Substances Act is found. When an investigation or DEA audit is initiated, we work with clients to respond to DEA complaints, demonstrate compliance, and negotiate agreements between the DEA and client to ensure minimal impact to their DEA Certification and license and reduce penalties.

Among the DEA actions we handle:

We are dedicated to helping national practitioners, pharmacies, distributors and other registrants protect their DEA registration and defend against DEA enforcement action. Our goal is not only to protect the DEA registration of our clients, but to protect their other professional licenses, their career and their reputation from damage caused by DEA investigations and allegations of noncompliance. 

We represent licensed medical professionals, including:

We know you work hard for your license and your career, and we will work hard to help you protect it.

Our offices are in Detroit (where we serve Dearborn, Troy, Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids, and the rest of Michigan); Miami and Sarasota, Florida (for Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, West Palm Beach, and all of Florida); Los Angeles/Southern California; and Chicago.

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