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From Contract Disputes to Business Formation/Breakup, Trust Your Healthcare Practice to Our National Healthcare Lawyers

The healthcare lawyers at Chapman Law Group are known for zealously representing health care clients across the U.S. in a variety of litigation matters. Our national litigation attorneys have experience litigating in state and federal courts and a variety of administrative tribunals, as well as arbitration hearings.

We aggressively prepare each case, taking the time and patience to understand your goals and desired outcomes. We prepare the case for trial and, where appropriate, position the case for settlement

We realize that trial is not the only solution. It is just one of many solutions along the litigation path. We employ the latest investigative techniques, computer technology and trial presentation skills to achieve your goals.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our attorneys understand that going to trial is not always the best option. We are skilled at the various alternative dispute resolution methods, including mediation and arbitration, to effectively manage conflict and resolve disputes without a lengthy trial. Using ADR often saves time and money while resolving the conflict in the best possible way.

Business & Commercial Litigation

Chapman Law Group represents a wide variety of clients — whether a physician or a pharmacist — with business and commercial interests and have successfully handled hundreds of claims involving simple to complex business/commercial matters.

Our clients range from small entrepreneurial businesses to large complex organizations and multinational corporations. Our experience covers a wide range of business matters including debt collections, fraud defense, shareholder derivative actions, non-compete agreements, product licensing disputes, contract negotiations, manufacturer and representative issues, to name a few.

In today’s litigious society, it is not a matter of if, but when your business will be involved in threatening litigation or liability exposure. When it happens, a lawyer from Chapman Law Group will work with you to evaluate each business issue and make an informed decision regarding litigation options.

Our experienced attorneys are uniquely qualified to assist you with all your legal needs, including:

    • Agency related disputes
    • Breach of contract
    • Business breakup
    • Business formation
    • Confidentiality agreements
    • Employment agreements
    • Fraud
    • General contracts
    • Manufacturer/representation issues
    • Misrepresentation
    • Misuse of corporate assets
    • Non-compete agreements 
    • Officer/director liability and disputes
    • Property disputes
    • Sales agreements and disputes
    • Shareholders issues (minority and majority)

Contract Disputes

Contracts govern the relationships between parties in many situations and in many sectors — business, employment, real estate, government, and health care, just to name a few. A well-drafted contractual agreement is key to avoid unnecessary litigation between, for example, a doctor and his/her business associate(s), and to ensure both parties to a contract have an accurate understanding of what their duties are.

The attorneys at Chapman Law Group have years of experience in reviewing and interpreting a wide variety of contracts. We are familiar with the applicable legal standards for interpreting contractual provisions under state law.

The best approach to developing a contract between parties is for both parties to have experienced counsel involved in drafting and reviewing the contract. Once the terms and definitions are satisfactory to both parties, they can enter what hopefully will be a mutually beneficial contractual relationship. To limit the chances of a dispute, a good contract will:

    • Specify how and where contractual disputes will be addressed
    • Ensure all contractual terms are legal and enforceable
    • Ensure that all language used is clear and unambiguous

Sometimes contractual disputes arise despite the parties’ best efforts. Our attorneys are experienced in reviewing the claims and developing a strategy to effectively approach the issue.

Your Team of Medical Professionals Deserves Our Team of National Healthcare Lawyers

Whether your business endeavor, dispute or expansion is large or small, on the East Coast or in the Southwest, we would like to be part of your team.

Our offices are in Detroit (where we serve Dearborn, Troy, Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids, and the rest of Michigan); Miami and Sarasota, Florida (for Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, West Palm Beach, and all of Florida); Los Angeles/Southern California; and Chicago

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