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The health care industry occupies about one-sixth of our economy and touches every facet of our lives. Given the depth and breadth of health care, state and federal governments inject themselves into every decision possible. As a result, the field of health care is the most widely regulated industry/service in the U.S.

The body of law covering the field of health care is often cumbersome, contradictory, costly, and simply impossible to navigate from a healthcare professional’s point of view.

Today ACA, Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurers place a tremendous burden on the healthcare professional. They regulate what can and cannot be done, and when and where it is to be done. They bring forth mountains of paperwork. They set regulatory landmines, waiting to catch the unsuspecting professional.

All of this is watched by a litigious society that is ready to file a medical malpractice or health care fraud lawsuit.

As a law firm solely dedicated to the healthcare field, we at Chapman Law Group are here for physicians, nurses, pain management specialists, pharmacists, and all other licensed healthcare professionals.

How Chapman Law Group Approaches Health Care

Our view of health care law is laser-focused on the perspective of the health care professional. We are deeply concerned with the professional’s relationship with the patient, the institution, and the government.

Our simple mission is to provide health professionals with the best possible legal representation in all aspects of the law. Our team of health care fraud defense and compliance lawyers assists providers in a wide variety of health laws areas — from regulatory, transactional, and litigation, to licensure and criminal defense.

Our Health Care Attorneys

Health care law requires a great deal of knowledge, skill, and experience with issues surrounding the standard of care, legal duties and ethics, government regulation, compliance, and administrative law. Often there is a lot at stake for health professionals facing civil, criminal and administrative actions.

Given the complexity and costs involved in health law issues and the vast body of law regulating health care, we have chosen to specialize solely in health care law so that we can better represent our clients.

Our lawyers have developed an extensive understanding of the ins and outs of every area within health care law. We stay on top of the changes in health care law and gain a wealth of experience in various areas of health care law.

Several of our health care attorneys have earned a Master of Law degree (LL.M). in Health Law from Loyola University Chicago School of Law — the top school in the U.S. for health care law.

Over the past 35 years, we have represented thousands of health professionals, all the while developing extensive experience in many areas of health care law.

Fraud and Abuse

Our health care attorneys defend individuals accused of health care fraud. We handle both civil and criminal fraud charges. Our health care attorneys have experience defending providers accused of False Claims, anti-kickback (federal and state specific), and Stark Law violations.

Licensing and Employment

Our attorneys represent health professionals on licensure issues such as professional board inquiries, hearings, complaints, investigation, and other disciplinary issues. We also assist with obtaining a professional license, DEA registration, and CMS participation. Our health care attorneys help with employment matters, such as credentialing and privileges issues, employment contracts, and termination matters.


Our health care attorneys defend providers accused of medical malpracticecorrectional health care negligence, and professional liability for healthcare providers.

Regulatory Compliance

Our health care attorneys work with providers and practices to ensure compliance with the many state and federal laws and regulations, including HIPAA/HITECH, CMS regulations, fraud and abuse laws, the Anti-Kickback Statute and Stark Law, DEA compliance, DEA regulations and FDA regulations. Our health care attorneys frequently assist with compliance/routine audits.


Our attorneys handle transaction matters, including selling and acquiring a practice or pharmacy, practice and pharmacy start-up, drafting and review of employment contracts, contract disputes, and employment matters.

No Matter Where You Are Across the U.S., Chapman Law Group is Your Team for All Things Healthcare Law

Our healthcare attorneys routinely practice in Federal Courts nationwide. We have four national offices:

  • Detroit, Michigan;
  • Miami and Sarasota, Florida; and
  • Los Angeles/Southern California.

As experienced healthcare defense attorneys, we have a 35-year track record of successfully representing providers across the U.S. Let us put our know-how to work for you and your healthcare practice. Call us today for a consultation.

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