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For over 30 years, we have been dedicated to representing the interests of physicians with medical malpractice, medical licensing, health law, employment and criminal law matters. We have a team of medical license defense attorneys that represent physicians daily with medical licensing matters, such as disciplinary actions, licensure application appeals, negligence claims, employment and criminal issues that can impact licensure. Our medical license defense attorneys have a great deal of experience and regularly represent physicians with actions before the Board of Medicine, administrative courts and state licensing divisions (DOH & LARA).

We appreciate the hard work it takes to become a physician and we understand the negative impact that disciplinary action can have on a physician’s career, both at the time of the allegations and for many years to follow. Therefore, our medical license defense attorneys fight aggressively to defend physicians faced with disciplinary action and strive to protect their license, reputation, assets and career, and help alleviate the stress involved in defending medical licensing actions. Our medical license defense attorneys assist physician throughout Florida and Michigan.

Common Medical License Disciplinary Actions:

Drug Diversion

Drug diversion allegations can result from errors in the Pyxis system, a failure to properly waste or stealing narcotics from a hospital/employer. Regardless of the truth of the allegations, physicians should retain an experienced medical licensing attorney to promptly address diversion allegations. Drug diversion allegations can not only lead to the suspension or revocation of a medical license, they can also lead to criminal charges. We have represented countless physicians, pharmacists and nurses in a wide range of drug diversion allegations from multiple-count federal indictments to minor licensing infractions. If you have been accused of drug diversion, we advise that you contact our medical license defense attorneys immediately. In some cases, we are able to resolve the issue before formal disciplinary action is taken. We strongly advise against contacting the state’s impairment program without first speaking to our medical license defense attorneys.


A DUI can be a career-ending event, if not properly handled. Sadly, too many physicians have lost their medical license because of a DUI. Others have been subjected to lengthy, invasive and expensive monitoring requirements by the state’s PHP (PRN, HPRP). All too often physicians enter the state’s impairment program without first consulting a medical licensing attorney. Our medical license defense attorneys strive to protect physicians’ medical licenses and ability to practice unrestricted, without monitoring requirements. We represent both physicians who have recently been charged with a DUI and physicians who have prior DUIs and are facing disciplinary action.

Positive Drug Test –

A positive employment drug test usually results in a report to the medical Board/State, who will take disciplinary action, including immediate suspension of a medical license. Therefore, it is important that physicians who believe that a drug test may be positive, contact our medical license defense attorneys immediately. All too often physicians enter the impairment program, or even worse, surrender their medical license without first speaking to an attorney. We have helped hundreds of physicians and nurses who have been accused of taking illicit drugs or prescription drugs not in accordance with a valid prescription keep their medical license and nursing license

Impairment Matters (HPRP, PRN) –

Our attorneys represent both physicians who receive a mandatory referral to an impairment program and physicians who have recently been accused of having an impairment and are considering contacting HPRP or PRN. If you are considering entering the impairment program, we can help you understand your options and help protect your medical license. If you are currently under a monitoring agreement, our attorneys may be able to help you modify your agreement.

Suspensions –

Medical licenses can be suspended for many reasons, including positive drug screens, probation violations, failure to comply with the impairment program, drug and fraud convictions, failure to complete CMEs and nonpayment of student loans. Our medical license defense attorneys have successfully helped countless physicians restore their medical license following suspension.  If your medical license has been suspended, contact us immediately. There is a very short period of time in which you can request a hearing to challenge the suspension order.

Criminal Convictions –

Our medical license defense attorneys help both physicians who are facing current criminal charges and physicians with a prior criminal conviction who need assistance reporting the conviction or help to obtain a medical license with a criminal history. We also help physicians who face disciplinary action for failure to timely report a criminal conviction. Unlike most firms who handle medical licensing matters, our firm includes a team of criminal defense attorneys who work to handle criminal matters in a way that will help protect the provider’s medical license after the criminal issue is resolved

Other Medical License Issues

Difficulty Obtaining a Medical License –

Our medical license defense attorneys frequently help physicians and medical students with prior criminal histories or disciplinary issues obtain licensure. While the process can take longer with a prior conviction or sanction, most issues do not automatically prohibit a physician from obtaining a medical license. Our medical license defense attorneys can assist in presenting these issues during the application process and during medical board hearings.

Reporting Sister-State Actions and Convictions –

Many physicians report sister-state disciplinary action and criminal convictions without first seeking advice from a medical license defense attorney. Others fail to timely report these actions. Reporting these actions requires a balance between demonstrating you are safe to practice while being careful not to divulge information that may negatively impact your medical license. Our medical license defense attorneys can assist providers in reporting disciplinary and criminal actions to the medical Board/State.

Whatever the allegations against you, we know you worked hard for your medical license, and our attorneys want to help you protect it. If you have received a letter from the Board of Medicine, or are aware of an investigation into your conduct, we urge you to call our medical license defense attorneys immediately. We can help you determine the best course of action and, if necessary, represent you before the medical board or administrative law judge. We would be honored to help you protect your medical license and help minimize the damage caused by allegations that threaten your medical license and career.

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