Healthcare Practice Ownership Matters

The decision to start a medical practice is an exciting time in the life of a health care professional. However, navigating the vast amount of regulations governing the formation and operation of a medical practice can be daunting. 

A health-related business is subject to a variety of very specific state and federal laws and regulations that affect both the business structure and the business management, including:

Startup Matters

Practice Management Matters

We are Your Lawyers for Healthcare Practice Ownership Matters

Our team of experienced health care attorneys can help you understand your legal responsibility and help limit your exposure to liability. For 35 years, we at Chapman Law Group have provided business counseling for general physician practices, dental and ophthalmology offices, and pain management and urgent care clinics.

We serve Michigan, including Metro Detroit (Dearborn, Troy, Warren, Ann Arbor) and Grand Rapids; and Florida (Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, West Palm Beach, Orlando and other regions). Contact us today to find out how we can help your healthcare practice.

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