National Professional Liability and Malpractice Defense Attorneys

National Professional Liability and Malpractice Defense Attorneys

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Our Healthcare Lawyers Have Extensive Experience and a Large Book of Trial Victories in Defending Medical Malpractice and Professional Liability Claims

For more than 35 years, the attorneys at Chapman Law Group have been representing health professionals across the U.S. who are accused of negligence or malpractice. Each of our lawyers understands the difficult situation these accusations can present, and we work aggressively to prevent unfair and unjust outcomes. 

Our primary goal is to protect the interests of our clients — primarily small to mid-sized healthcare practices and facilities, as well as individual health practitioners — and limit the time and cost of medical malpractice litigation.

Thoroughly understanding all facets of the complaint — including standard of care/practice, alleged breach, proximate cause, and damages — gives each Chapman Law Group attorney the ability to take aggressive action and achieve desired results. Our extensive trial experience, use of technology, and network of experts give us the right advantage. The clear majority of claims our Healthcare Litigation practice section handles end in dismissal prior to or at the close of discovery, though our attorneys are equally skilled in defending a case at trial.

The national healthcare defense lawyers at Chapman Law Group have earned a reputation for not just defending malpractice actions, but for winning and obtaining a “no cause” for cases involving:

Types of medical malpractice claims we address include:

    • Failure to diagnose
    • Failure to treat
    • Delayed diagnosis
    • Surgical negligence
    • Medication error

Select Case Results Summaries For Nationals Malpractice Defense Actions

With thousands of summary judgments, no-cause verdicts, and case dismissals in national healthcare litigation, the attorneys at Chapman Law Group are recognized experts in fighting and defeating medical malpractice and related claims.

These are just a few examples of state and federal cases for which we’ve succeeded on behalf of independent and national healthcare insurance carriers:

  • Courts Tosses Claim Over Misread Mammogram Being Proximate Cause for Breast CancerPlaintiff alleged Defendants misread a mammogram, resulting in delay in diagnosing breast cancer. After trial court granted our Motion for Summary Disposition, Plaintiff appealed. The appellate court upheld the dismissal, stating that Plaintiff’s Affidavit of Merit is insufficient to show proximate cause, as it did not precisely describe the manner in which a breach, if standard, was the proximate cause of Plaintiff’s injury.
  • Jury Delivers No-Cause in Trial Over Breast Augmentation Infection: Plaintiff alleged that during a breast augmentation surgery, our physician client left a sponge in her body, leading to a massive infection. Our malpractice attorneys contended that Plaintiff was unable to overcome the burden of proof required to show a continued chain of causation between the alleged negligence and damages claimed. The jury returned a verdict of No Cause of Action on behalf of our clients.
  • Trial Court Jury Finds Medical Provider’s Actions Appropriate, Old Age Was Probably Case of Death: Plaintiff’s Estate alleged that had our client diagnosed a surgical abdomen earlier, Plaintiff’s Decedent would not have died following a surgery that discovered a cancerous tumor invading the bowel. We asserted that our client’s actions were not negligent, and when the patient began showing clinical signs of surgical abdomen, our client acted appropriately. After 11 minutes of deliberating, the jury reached a verdict of No Cause of Action.
  • Jury Rules Against Argument That Patient’s Pulmonary Fibrosis Was Worsened by Anti-Arrhythmic: Plaintiff’s Estate alleged that Defendant’s administration of Amiodarone (anti-arrhythmic), prescribed to maintain the patient’s abnormal heart rate, caused or worsened a pre-existing pulmonary fibrosis condition, resulting in death. We argued that there is insufficient medical evidence that Amiodarone causes pulmonary toxicity or exacerbated patient’s pulmonary fibrosis; and that the physician was well within the standard of care to prescribe Amiodarone having knowledge of patient’s serious pulmonary condition. The jury agreed and issued a No Cause of Action verdict.
  • Standard of Care Not Breached When Medical Professionals Attempted to Repair Damaged Leg: Plaintiff alleged that Defendants failed to properly treat his refractured leg following a fall on ice. The patient had a very difficult fracture to repair, and we asserted that our clients did not breach any standard of care during his treatment, nor did our clients act negligently or cause Plaintiff’s damages. The judge dismissed the case with prejudice.
  • Negligence Claims Cannot Be Constitutionalized, Rules State Court of Appeals: In a lawsuit against our medical personnel clients, our attorneys argued successfully that allegations of negligence, gross negligence or “an inadvertent failure to provide adequate medical care” do not arrive at the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition against “cruel and unusual punishment.” The Michigan Court of Appeals agreed in an April 2020 decision.
  • Neurosurgeon Did Not Breach Standard of Care in Spinal Surgery, Affirms Court of Appeals: Our attorneys maintained no standard of care breach, submitting affidavits from two doctors supporting this claim. In addition, we asserted that plaintiffs’ expert’s testimony was not reliable, as his opinion at trial was based solely on experience and background, without supporting literature, and without “the product of any other reliable principle or methods.” The Michigan Court of Appeals affirmed in an May 2021 decision.
  • Medical Providers Prevail in Suit Over Alleged Delay in Treatment for Ruptured Appendix: Medical experts testified Plaintiff’s first assessment on a Friday was within normal limits, justifying a referral to sick call for Monday morning rather than over the weekend. Chapman Law Group was able to prove the physician was not aware of Plaintiff’s condition, which resulted in a ruptured appendix and therefore did not consciously disregard his health. A federal jury took 28 minutes to return a “No Cause” verdict for both nurse and physician.
  • No-Cause Issued, Federal Claim Dismissed in Suit Over Failure to Treat MS: Plaintiff, who had multiple sclerosis, claimed Defendants collectively failed to comply with the applicable standards of care and conduct a thorough workup and/or referral to specialists for further review of his condition. Plaintiff was unable to establish that injuries or damages were proximately caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of the defendant physicians. A no-cause ruling was issued on the state claim, and the federal claim was dismissed.
  • In Lawsuit Over Failure to Treat MS, Defense Successfully Argued That Seizures Didn’t Meet Criteria: Defendants maintained that Plaintiff inmate did not meet the criteria for MS and was simply drug seeking. In addition, defense contended the proper diagnosis was pseudo seizure, a psychiatric diagnosis that is best treated through a psychiatrist. After a dozen or more depositions, several briefs and a summary disposition motion, the court agreed and dismissed the case 45 days before trial.

Our National Health Care Malpractice Litigation Attorneys

Ronald W. Chapman Sr., MPA, LL.M., leads Chapman Law Group’s Healthcare Litigation and Correctional Healthcare practice sections. His 35 years in complex healthcare provider defense litigation includes thousands of no-cause, reversals, dismissals, and summary judgments on medical malpractice, gross negligence, and wrongful death claims.

Jonathan Lanesky is a defense litigator with 20 years of experience in representing healthcare professionals. As a senior attorney in the civil litigation and corrections practice, Jonathan focuses on professional liability, medical malpractice, gross negligence, and deprivation of rights claims on behalf of physicians, specialty healthcare providers, and regulated facilities.

Devlin Scarber specializes in medical malpractice, gross negligence and deprivation of rights claims on behalf of correctional healthcare providers and facilities. Because of his 20-year experience with medical malpractice and negligence on the plaintiffs’ side, Devlin has a thorough understanding of the approaches that opposing counsel will take in civil litigation matters on the state and federal levels.

For the Experience That Matters, Turn to the National Health Care Malpractice Defense Attorneys at Chapman Law Group

Medical malpractice and professional healthcare malpractice defense requires a great deal of knowledge, skill and experience with issues surrounding the standard of care, legal duties and ethics. In serving as counsel for physicians and healthcare in medical malpractice claims in state and federal courts, Chapman Law Group brings a robust, nearly four-decade track record of acquittals, dismissals, summary judgments, and no-cause verdicts.

We are one of the nation’s most sought-after defense firms for independent providers, insurance carriers, and third-party claims administrators, as well as for healthcare service firms contracted to county jails, state prison facilities, and private correctional corporations.

Our national healthcare malpractice defense law offices are in Detroit, Michigan; Miami and Sarasota, Florida; and Los Angeles/Southern California. Contact us today for learn more about our malpractice defense services and how we will work to provide the best solutions for your case.

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