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At Chapman Law Group, We Know Your License is Worth Everything to You. That’s Why We Work Hard to Help You Keep It.

Why trust the Chapman Law Group for your legal problems you may face as a nurse? Because our attorneys for nurses have 35 years’ experience.

Our lawyers are dedicated to specific areas of health care law, including licensure, criminal and negligence. We represent nurses daily before the Board of Nursing, administrative courts and state licensing departments.

And we are dedicated to protecting your license, your livelihood — and your freedom.

With offices Florida and Michigan, our attorneys for nurses specialize in matters such as:

    • Disciplinary actions: Suspensions, revocations, restrictions, administrative complaints, BON and ALJ hearings, investigations, appeals, modifications
    • Licensure issues: Denials, renewals issues, difficulty obtaining a license, reporting convictions
    • Criminal actions: DUI, drug diversion, prescription fraud, theft, assault
    • Impairment program matters: HPRP, IPN, PRN
    • Professional liability: Negligence
    • Correctional health care issues: Deliberate indifference, malpractice
    • Healthcare employment issues: Health care employment contract review, credentialing, termination, harassment claims, disciplinary action, retaliation
    • Business matters: Practice startup and acquisition, contract review


As a nurse, we know you’ve invest a significant amount of time and money into your education and training. You depend on your professional license to earn a living. When a disciplinary, employment, or criminal action is taken against a nurse, your license is at risk.

Chapman Law Group’s licensure attorneys assist hundreds of nurses yearly with disciplinary matters that threaten their license. Every day we meet before the Board of Nursing, administrative courts and state licensing departments (LARA, DOH, ODH) to fight for our clients.

Our attorneys for nurses have significant experience with common disciplinary matters, including:

Our licensure attorneys also have experience handling more complex disciplinary actions against nurses, such as criminal prescription fraud and drug distribution charges. We also help nurses who have difficulty obtaining or renewing a nursing license because of prior criminal convictions, disciplinary action or relinquishment.

Criminal Defense

For nurses who are facing felony charges related to health care — such as drug trafficking, drug diversion, criminal health care fraud and sexual misconduct involving patients — our criminal defense lawyers are here to take your case.

Our criminal law attorneys are unique, because they only represent health care providers. Their combined knowledge and experience in both criminal law and health care law allows them to handle the most complex cases against nurses.

We also defend against DUI, assault, shoplifting and other criminal charges that can threaten a health professional’s medical license, DEA registration and CMS enrollment.

Robert Andretz, who handles criminal and regulatory matters at Chapman Law Group, talks about what happens when physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other licensed healthcare professionals are charged with DUI/DWI/OWI — and the possible solutions when you have a healthcare-based criminal law attorney on your side.

Chapman Law Group: Your Support For When You Need It Most

At Chapman Law Group, we focus solely on the healthcare industry. We have 35 years of experience in license defense, regulatory compliance, healthcare-related criminal law, and professional liability. Our case results for nurses speak for themselves.

We work with nurses and other licensed healthcare professionals across the U.S. Our four national offices are in Detroit, Michigan; Miami and Sarasota, Florida; and Los Angeles/Southern California.

You worked hard for your nursing license. We are here to help you keep it. Contact us today and let us put our know-how to work for you. 

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