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Chapman Law Group’s lawyers for licensed professionals represent health care providers nationwide with licensure, disciplinary actions, criminal, DEA, practice ownership and healthcare employment matters. These professionals include:

There are issues that are very specific to these licensed health care providers. Our national attorneys are skilled at addressing them, including:

    • Disciplinary actions: Suspension, revocation, restrictions, administrative complaints, Board of Pharmacy and ALJ hearings, investigations, appeals, modifications
    • Licensure issues: Denials, renewals issues, difficulty obtaining a license, reporting convictions
    • DEA: Application, renewal issues, show cause orders, DEA inspections, enforcement actions (administrative and criminal)
    • Pharmacy ownership: Pharmacy formation and acquisition, purchase and sales agreements, pharmacist employment contracts and disputes, pharmacist-in-charge and prescription department manager issues, permitting and licensing, audits and inspections, CMS and Medicaid participation, compliance plans and review, reimbursement issues, pharmacy business disputes
    • Healthcare employment issues: Healthcare employment contract review, termination, harassment claims, disciplinary action, retaliation, disputes
    • Credentialing: Credentialing denials and revocations, NPDB issues, OIG exclusion
    • Professional liability: Malpractice and pharmacy errors
    • Criminal defense: Drug diversion, drug possession or distribution, fraud, DUI, assault

Pharmacy Errors and Liability

The FDA reports that one of the common causes of medication errors is ambiguities in product names, directions for use, and medical abbreviations or writing. This can lead to several types of pharmacy errors resulting in malpractice actions. Common malpractice claims against pharmacists include:

    • Dispensing the incorrect drug
    • Dispensing the improper dose
    • Manufacturing the wrong strength
    • Contaminants or adulterants contained in the drug
    • Incorrect labeling of a drug
    • Repackaging

For 35 years, Chapman Law Group has been representing health care providers accused of malpractice. Many of our lawyers have over 10 years of experience defending providers against malpractice action. Our lawyers can handle the most complex malpractice cases, such as drug manufacturing errors.

Pharmacy Ownership

Our transactional attorneys regularly assist pharmacy owners with the formation, acquisition and sales of pharmacies.

Pharmacy ownership is highly regulated. Our attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced in the many regulations and laws that impact pharmacies and their owners. We offer policy and procedure manuals to new pharmacies to help them remain compliant with the many state and federal laws and regulations.

We also assist pharmacy owners with permitting and licensing, audits and inspections, credentialing, DEA matters, reimbursement issues, and other business, healthcare employment and compliance issues.

Whether buying an existing pharmacy, starting a new pharmacy, or adding pharmacy services, we review business plans and documents for compliance with fraud and abuse laws

Our transactional lawyers are dedicated to helping pharmacy owners build successful businesses and reduce the risk of liability and legal action.


Our licensing attorneys have helped thousands of health professionals, including pharmacists, obtain and protect their licenses and registrations. We regularly represent pharmacists, pharmacies, interns, and technicians before the Board of Pharmacy, state licensing departments, administrative courts, and the DEA.

We also assist with matters such as license or permit denials, administrative complaints, suspensions, impairment issues (HPRP, OPHP, PRN), state and DEA inspections and audits, DEA enforcement action, DEA registration denials and revocations, and other matters that threaten licensure.

Common disciplinary actions include:

    • Impairment
    • Criminal convictions related to controlled substances, fraud or practice of pharmacy
    • Filing fraudulent prescriptions, including oneself
    • Positive healthcare employee drug tests
    • Failure to report criminal convictions
    • Violations found during an inspection

Whatever allegations you may face, our attorneys can help you defend against disciplinary action that threatens your license and career. 

Our four national offices are Detroit, Michigan; Miami and Sarasota, Florida; and Los Angeles/Southern California.

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