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From Business and Licensing Matters to Compliance and Malpractice Defense, Your Urgent Care Facility is in Strong Hands: Ours

Chapman Law Group represents urgent care centers and health care providers working in urgent care settings in Florida and Michigan. We have teams of attorneys dedicated to certain areas of healthcare law, who regularly assist urgent care centers and their providers with various issues, such as urgent care services compliance.

Practice Matters

The urgent care model is popular among physicians looking to own their own practice. It has several attractive features compared to other practice models, including higher reimbursement rates, relatively low regulatory oversight and low startup costs. Urgent care centers can be a lucrative business for general and family practice physicians.

Our transactional attorneys help practice owners build and protect their investment. Our team of transactional attorneys have advanced law degrees in health care law and are exceptionally educated and experienced in matters related to practice ownership. They can handle the most complex business arrangements, including:

    • Business: Formation, acquisition, sales, ownership structure, corporate ownership and franchise issues, joint ventures, change of ownership (CHOW), clinic closures, partnership agreements, management agreements
    • Contracts and credentialing: Negotiating payor contracts and reimbursement rates, credentialing issues, accreditation issues
    • Healthcare employment: Medical director agreements, physician contracts, locum agreements, NP collaboration agreements, staff contracts, health care employment disputes, termination issues, non-compete agreements
    • Licensing: Clinic license (or exemption), facility permits, clinical laboratory license, CLIA certificate, medical waste producer licenses, X-ray registration, DEA registration, disciplinary action
    • Compliance: State regulations, fraud and abuse laws, CMS regulations, billing guidelines, DEA compliance, Anti-Kickback Statute and Stark Law,  HIPAA compliancecompliance program developmentMedicare exclusion
    • Diagnostic and treatment equipment: MRI accreditation, X-ray license, review diagnostic referral practice for compliance with fraud and abuse laws, Certificate of Need (Michigan)
    • Policy and procedure: Daily operations, hiring, background screening, record keeping, adverse incident reporting
    • Pharmacy: State permits, DEA Registration, policy and procedures, inspections

Many urgent cares utilize advanced practice providers to provide care. These urgent cares should ensure they properly supervise these providers, as failure to do so could lead to administrative action and civil liability. Our attorneys assist urgent cares in preparing written protocols for supervision of mid-levels. We also assist with preparation of medical director contracts, provider contracts and locum agreements.

Payor Matters

Working with many payors is a key element in building a successful urgent care business. However, it can be frustrating and burdensome at times. Our attorneys assist urgent care centers with negotiating payor contracts, including negotiating reimbursement rates and terms. When reimbursement disputes arise, we assist providers with the defense of claims and collection of fees. We also assist urgent care centers during audits and post-audit action, including overpayment settlements, redetermination requests and appeals, payment suspensions, fines/penalties, and disciplinary action. Our attorneys also assist urgent care centers and providers with credentialing and CMS issues. Payor matters include:
    • Credentialing
    • Accreditation
    • Payor contracts
    • Negotiate reimbursement rates
    • Reimbursement issues
    • Audits: Medicare (MACRACZPIC), Medicaid, private payors

Health Care Fraud Defense

Fraud allegations can arise from incorrect coding, intentional submission of false claims, improper referral practices, improper payments to medical directors and marketers, and other business practices that can lead to unintentional violation of fraud and abuse laws.

The healthcare lawyers at Chapman Law Group are highly knowledge and experienced in federal and state anti-kickback, Stark and false claims laws. These attorneys regularly assist health care providers and facilities with review of contracts and business plans to ensure compliance with all health care fraud and abuse laws.

We also have a team of criminal law attorneys who defend providers during criminal fraud prosecution. Our team includes a former health care prosecutor who is exceptionally knowledgeable in fraud detection strategies, audit procedures and statistical sampling, as well as administrative, criminal and civil fraud action. Our attorneys are highly experienced in defending criminal and civil action against providers for fraud. We have defended numerous providers accused of Medicare and Medicaid fraud, including urgent care owners and providers.

Urgent Care Malpractice Defense

For 35 years, Chapman Law Group has been defending providers accused of malpractice. Our clients include major malpractice insurers, self-insured health care corporations, and providers. We represent urgent care centers and their providers during malpractice actions.

Many of our malpractice attorneys have more than 10 years of experience defending providers in complex malpractice actions, including urgent care malpractice claims that often involve multiple providers. Common malpractice claims against urgent care providers include failure to diagnose, failure to treat, and improper follow-up instructions.

Chapman Law Group: Your Partners in Urgent Care Defense

We serve regulated facilities and healthcare professionals across the U.S. Our four national offices are in Detroit, Michigan; Miami and Sarasota, Florida; and Los Angeles/Southern California.

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