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Chapman Law Group represents mental health professionals and behavioral health facilities throughout Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Idaho, and Colorado. Our clients include private practice mental health professionals, correctional mental health providers, and liability insurance carriers. Our lawyers assist mental health providers and facilities with:

  • Disciplinary actions: suspensions, revocations, restrictions, administrative complaints, board and ALJ hearings, investigations, appeals, modifications, etc.
  • Licensure issues: denials, renewals issues, difficulty obtaining a license, reporting convictions, etc.
  • Credentialing: credentialing denials and revocations, NPDB issues, CMS matters, OIG exclusion, etc.
  • Professional liability: malpractice, conflict of interest, duty to warn others matters, etc.
  • Confidentiality / privacy / disclosure issues
  • DEA: application, renewal issues, show cause orders, DEA inspections, enforcement actions (administrative and criminal), etc.
  • Business: business formation and acquisition, purchase and sales agreements, partnership agreements, buy-in and buy-out agreements, employment contracts, permitting and licensing, facility inspections, accreditation, CMS certification, compliance plans and review, anti-kickback and HIPAA compliance, reimbursement issues, audits, business and employment disputes, etc.
  • Mental health centers and psychiatric treatment facilities: accreditation, CMS certification, state licensing, inspections, etc.
  • Baker Act issues
  • Sexual misconduct defense (criminal and licensing)
  • Criminal defense: fraud, false claims, DUI, assault, etc.


Our team of licensing lawyers are exceptionally experienced in representing licensed professionals during disciplinary actions and other matters before the licensing boards. Our licensing lawyers are dedicated to helping licensed professionals, including mental health providers, defend their license during disciplinary action.

Mental health providers may be subject to discipline for:

  • Sexual misconduct;
  • Impairment issues (including PRNHPRP, and OPHP issues);
  • Probation violation;
  • Disciplinary action in another state;
  • Being convicted or found guilty, or plea of nolo contendere to a crime related to practice;
  • failure to report conviction;
  • Influence on a patient for financial gain;
  • Violations of boundary;
  • Confidentiality violations;
  • practice beyond the scope permitted by law or beyond level of competence;
  • Incompetence or unprofessionalism;
  • Failure to meet continuing education requirements;
  • Advertising violations;
  • Kickbacks; and
  • Recordkeeping issues.

We assist mental health professionals with all disciplinary action, including investigations, administrative complaints, suspension and restriction orders, board hearings, administrative hearings, appeals, and probation modifications. We also assist providers who experience difficulty obtaining a license. Common reasons for licensure delays and denials include prior criminal history, prior disciplinary action, impairment issues, and open investigations.

Our lawyers understand the significant amount of time, money, and hard-work that mental health providers put into their education and training. We also understand the negative effects that a disciplinary action can have on a mental health professional’s career. Therefore, we fight hard to help mental health professionals protect their license and their career.

Counselor and Therapist Malpractice

We represent both insured and self-insured clients with all civil matters related to practice. Civil suits against mental health providers include sexual misconduct allegations, improper diagnosis, delayed diagnosis, improper treatment, and incompetence.

Chapman Law Group has been defending health professionals accused of malpractice for 35 years. Many of our attorneys have over 10 years’ experience defending malpractice claims and are highly capable of defending complex malpractice claims


Our transactional attorneys assist health care practices with business, employment, licensing, and compliance matters.  We assist new mental health practices with business formation and acquisition, buy-in and buy-out agreements, partnership agreements, purchase and sales agreements, leases, compliance, state licensing, accreditation and credentialing matters, etc. Our lawyers assist existing practices with employment, compliance, auditing, credentialing, billing, and other issues related to the operation of a behavioral health practice. We also represent mental health professionals during business, employment, and contract disputes.

We represent solo practitioners, partnerships, corporations, treatment facilities, and other mental and behavioral health practices.

Criminal Defense

Our criminal defense attorneys defend mental health professionals against criminal allegations that can cost them their license. Our attorneys represent providers accused of low-level crimes, such as DUI, theft, and assault. We also defend providers accused of serious crimes such as fraud, sexual assault, and drug-related crimes. Our criminal defense attorneys are unique in that they only represent health care providers. They are exceptionally knowledgeable in criminal law, health care law, and licensing. Our lawyers aggressively defend providers against action that threatens their license and freedom. See Criminal Defense.

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