What to Do If You Receive a Summary Suspension of Your Medical, Nursing or Other License

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In Michigan, the State must show that “emergency action is required to protect the health safety and welfare of the citizens of the state.”

If you are subject to a summary suspension, you must act quickly and will need an attorney experienced in professional licensing issues to represent you. You will need to file a petition to dissolve the summary suspension. A judge then will hear the case and decide if there is enough evidence to meet the standard above. 

A case to dissolve a summary suspension must be pleaded very carefully to argue your point with a limited availability of evidence and records but also preserve issues for a final hearing to argue the merits of your case. Once the judge makes a determination about your ability to return to work, a hearing will also be scheduled in the future to determine if you should face disciplinary action as a result of the allegations. 

You should seek the advice of an experienced professional licensing attorney when your ability to earn an income is hanging in the balance.

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