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The Attorneys at Chapman Law Group Defend Physicians Nationwide on Controlled Substance, Registration Actions

In recent years, the DEA has increased investigations into pain clinics and other prescribers of controlled substances. This has resulted in an increased number of criminal actions against practitioners for alleged violations of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), healthcare fraud prevention statutes, and similar state statutes.

Health care providers who prescribe controlled substances (Schedule II to Schedule IV) must comply with the stringent Federal and State requirements that regulate the prescribing and dispensing of such substances. Failure to comply with these rules may trigger an investigation or audit that will not only carry monetary fines, but also will threaten the health care providers’ DEA registration and state license.

The healthcare defense attorneys at Chapman Law Group are dedicated to defending prescribers and dispensers nationwide against:

We also work with prescribers and dispensers to advise them on state and federal regulations surrounding controlled substances, to ensure compliance and prevent investigations and DEA enforcement action.

In addition, our attorneys have defended physicians across the country who were accused of crimes regarding controlled substances. Our cases include 100+ count indictments for drug trafficking, some of which are publicized cases.

Our DEA attorneys are experienced in defending DEA registrants during DEA investigations and in subsequent DEA action, should noncompliance with the Controlled Substances Act be found. When an investigation or DEA audit is initiated, we work with clients to respond to DEA complaints, demonstrate compliance, and negotiate agreements between the DEA and client. Our attorneys are attuned to ensuring minimal impact to clients’ DEA certification and license, as well as reducing penalties.

We are dedicated to helping physicians, pharmacies, distributors, pain management specialists, and other registrants protect their DEA registration by defending against DEA enforcement action. Our goal is not only to protect the DEA registration of our clients, but to protect their other professional licenses, their career and their reputation from damage caused by DEA investigations and allegations of noncompliance.

In addition to criminal defense, our attorneys also help practitioners obtain DEA registrations. We have successfully helped registrants obtain DEA registrations following a suspension by the DEA or surrender of their registration. Our attorneys also have helped applicants — including mid-levels and narcotic treatment programs — with criminal convictions and prior disciplinary actions obtain a DEA registration. 

We also assist practitioners and their practice with routine DEA audits and investigations into violations of the Controlled Substances Act. While some audits are routine audits to ensure compliance with the CSA, others are investigations into alleged wrongdoing. Both audits can result in criminal action against the DEA registrant.

Our national DEA defense attorneys have provided onsite assistance to DEA registrants across the country to ensure their rights and practice are protected during a DEA inspection. 

Our attorneys frequently speak and publish on topics related to DEA compliance and CSA. Our goal is to help practitioners avoid criminal and disciplinary action. However, in the event that a practitioner faces action by the DEA, we aggressively defend the provider against actions that threaten their DEA registration, freedom, license and ability to practice.

Chapman Law Group has four national health care defense offices: Detroit, Michigan; Sarasota and Miami, Florida; and Los Angeles/Southern California. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

Our Publications on DEA Topics

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Our Speaking Engagements on DEA Topics

  • “DEA Site Visit Checklist: Tailoring Inspection Strategies for Every Link of the Supply Chain,” American Conference Institute, July 21, 2020
  • CME Webinar: “Protect Yourself and Your License: DEA Compliance and Opioid Abuse,” Urgent Care Association of America (UCAOA), October 12, 2017
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